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Listener's Notes

Review all the new additions- called New Adds- below, then tune in and use the share features for Jazzy Lounge radio so your friends will be as cool as you. Over 260 tracks waiting to tickle and tease your ears for a pleasurable music experience. Sixty-six (66) new tracks were added to the playlist for the week of Sunday, August 23rd.

Always on the constant search for artists we're unfamiliar with and included in this weeks new adds are LEMS, Chancha Via Circuito, Nichelle Colvin, Re:plus, Pascha, Kondor, Bop Alloy, Maya Azucena, Freestyle Fellowship, Break N Chord. Each artist provides a unique touch to the Jazzy Lounge playlist based on their respect genre. Genres represented includes downtempo, hip hop, R&B and Latin grooves.

Jazzy Lounge strives to give you, the listener, quality tracks not just from well known electronica community, but from the little known to the unknown. We search the internet, hoping to bump into a few strange new nodes that emit packets of galactic beauty. Let your ears digest unreleased tracks from house, electronica, hip-hop and more.

Jazzy Lounge radio strongly supports putting new music in your ears so you can place it your mp3 player, smart phone, tablet as well as your PC. Put those headphones on! Whether you're a DJ or a music collector and lover, many of the tracks you hear, can be heard first on Jazzy Lounge!

New Additions to the Jazzy Lounge Playlist
Sunday, August 23, 2015
Artist Track Album
LEMS Sikisai A, B, C!!
LEMS Coo Coo Breaks A, B, C!!
Don Gorda Project Morning Darkness After the Storm
Don Gorda Project Festa Do Sol feat. Solanos (Funk Edit) After the Storm
Chancha Via Circuito Guajaca (Frikstailers Remix) Amansara Remixed
Substantial [Explicit] Grateful (feat. Kokayi & Kenn Starr) Art Is Where the Home Is (Deluxe Edition)
Nestor Arriaga Atmospheric State Atmospheric State
Coco Radar Bambari (Dub Mix) Bambari
Tom Barrand Can You Feel It (Original Mix) Can You Feel It E.P.
Ma Beat! Lise Drowning for Love
Nichelle Colvin What He Does To Me Evolving-RLM
Nichelle Colvin Self Examination Evolving-RLM
Echo Box Observatory (Kiano & Below Bangkok) Field Investigations
Mr. Scruff Feel Free Friendly Bacteria
Tim Livvdt Full Of Soul Full Of Soul
El Petit Jardi Sensual Signals Guido's Lounge Cafe, Vol. 4 - Kissing The Sun
Evolve Deeper Than The Sea (ft. Bajka) Guido's Lounge Cafe, Vol. 4 - Kissing The Sun
Jjos Feel Me (chill mix) Guido's Lounge Cafe, Vol. 4 - Kissing The Sun
Le Soleil C'Est Toi Haute Couture Vol. 2 - French Lounge Session
Kaled Souvenir (Feat. Neko) Haute Couture, Vol. 9 - French Lounge Session
Julius Papp A Thousand Years (Reprise Mix) Healing Force
Lemongrass Heartbreaker (Cuetec Laut) Heartbreaker Remixed
Roberto Sol My Decision (Extended Mix) Hotel Aurora
Roberto Sol & Tilmann Müller Till Man Comes Hotel Aurora
Roberto Sol My Nature (Midnight Lounge Mix) Hotel Aurora
Roberto Sol & Florito Obsesión feat. Ines (Extended Mix) Hotel Aurora
My Neighbour Is Kontrabassi I Like You Dog
My Neighbour Is Crowing Hens Of Akiwawa I Like You Dog
My Neighbour Is Booming Zone I Like You Dog
Mario Biondi Love Is A Temple (Kurtz rework) Love Is A Temple
Chris Shakes Mambo ft. Mr. Trumpet (Original Mix) Mambo
Re:plus Simple Things feat. Clara C, Sam Ock Miscellany
Re:plus Away feat. Othello Miscellany
Pascha Pascha (Etho Freedom) Pascha
Pascha Tropico Pascha
Pascha Strada Du Funk Pascha
Kondor Tribute to Nujabes Peace Of Soul
Kondor A New Day feat. Jas Mace& Anika Hazel feat. Jas Mace & Anika Hazel Peace Of Soul
Four80East Cookie Strut Positraction
Four80East Dirty Stack Positraction
Four80East Eegee Beegee Positraction
Fort Knox Five Cinco to the Brinco (feat. Empresarios) Pressurize the Cabin
Fort Knox Five Pressurize the Cabin (feat. Vokab Kompany) Pressurize the Cabin
The Disclosure Project Project Antumbra Radiosonde
Deon Custom Roses Roses
LEMS Sakura Waltz Sakura Waltz Remixes
Bop Alloy Why the World Weeps (feat. Mello-D & Steph the Sapphic Songs Substantial & Marcus D Are Bop Alloy
Bop Alloy Save the Day Substantial & Marcus D Are Bop Alloy
Bop Alloy Another Day In the Life (feat. Mr. Sos & Cise Star) Substantial & Marcus D Are Bop Alloy
Bop Alloy [Explicit] Jazzmatic (feat. Steph the Sapphic Songstress) Substantial & Marcus D Are Bop Alloy
Maya Azucena Beat Of Your Heart Taste This EP
Maya Azucena I Saw This In You Taste This EP
Us3 If You've Got It Flaunt It feat. Tukka The Third Way (Hand on the Torch Vol II)
Us3 What Would You Do? feat. Akil Dasan, KCB, Tukka The Third Way (Hand on the Torch Vol II)
Us3 Beautiful feat. Akil Dasan The Third Way (Hand on the Torch Vol II)
Us3 Be Bop Thing feat. Akil Dasan The Third Way (Hand on the Torch Vol II)
Placid Larry Connect Thoughtful Machines
Placid Larry Teleport Thoughtful Machines
Placid Larry The Big Chill Thoughtful Machines
Frameworks Patience Tides
Frameworks A New Sun Tides
Rosantique Goin' Wild To the Swing and Back
Freestyle Fellowship Sunshine Men To Whom It May Concern
Break N Chord Smoking Blue (Original Mix) Top 10
Break N Chord Break Coffe (Original Mix) Top 10
A Thousand Years Your Spell Year Four


DJ Jazzy L retires the shows King Rip's Caffeine Swing and DJ Jazzy L's Groove Zone broadcast live on WNUR-FM 89.3 in Chicago. Personal reasons were cited for discontinuing the shows which ran for over two years. The last show for King Rip's Caffeine Swing was Thursday, January 8, 2015 and Saturday, January 3, 2015 for DJ Jazzy L's Groove Zone.
Though the live broadcast for was cancelled, fans of the show can still listen to a new mix of straight ahead jazz every Thursday at http://www.mixcloud.com/jazzylounge under the trademark show name.
Are you a musician, record label, producer or band and you create music in the following genres: Nu Jazz, Lounge, Downtempo, House, Chillout, World, Acid Jazz, Smooth Jazz or Electronica? Then click over to my submission page and send me your music for review. (read more)
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