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March 23, 2014
Playlist for the Week of April 6, 2014
Artist Track Album
Jon Kennedy Rain Rain Rain 14
Kaya Project Stone Turns Black 13th Moon : Journey Into Future Consciousness
Sambox Break Drink (Blues Mix) 7eme Arrondissement
Sambox Feel Me 7eme Arrondissement
Sambox I Don't Care 7eme Arrondissement
Christophe Goze Something Like This (Club Mix) A Day In Ibiza
Indican Sound The Dust Bowl A Fine Time To Be
Indican Sound Lies A Fine Time To Be
Kopas Budapest Blues A Fragment of a Confession
Kopas Passion Chant A Fragment of a Confession
Chill Factor-5 Sunsets Possible Dreams A Heartbeat Away
Mr. Moods and Erik Jackson For A Moment (Revisit) A la Mémoire des Frères de la Poussière (EP)
Mr. Moods and Erik Jackson For Us A la Mémoire des Frères de la Poussière (EP)
Emerald Jade Shine A New Classic
Monique Bon La Musique A Trip To Ibiza Vol. 1
Thievery Corporation A Guide For I & I Adventures In Leisure
Stuce The Sketch 4 O'Clock (Ambient Mix) African Spirit
Stuce The Sketch On & On (feat. Kim) African Spirit
Stuce The Sketch Mamluki African Spirit
The Dining Rooms Thin Ice (Paolo Fedreghini And Marco Bianchi Remix) Afrolicious Ep
Kojato & The Afro Latin Cougaritas Oudo Makasan All About Jazz
Kojato & The Afro Latin Cougaritas Like A Gypsy All About Jazz
Kojato & The Afro Latin Cougaritas All About Jazz All About Jazz
Kojato & The Afro Latin Cougaritas Everywhere You Go Now, Kuti All About Jazz
Cai Hawaii American Boy Amercian Toy EP
John Beltran Soul Sketching Americano
The Grooveblaster Angie Dickinson (Moodswinger's Vocal Vibe) Angie Dickinson
Quantic Wider Than The Sky Apricot Morning
Climatic Aquarelo Around And About
Zero Cult Monolife Art of Harmony
Mungal & Nitin Sahwney Awake Asian Groove
Karmix Sabhyata Asian Groove
Skana This Way Back To Mine
Good Groove Orchestra Tell Me Back To The Groove
The Warheads Broken Spell Bandit Queen
DJ Pit & The Lords Of Soul I'll Make You Jazz Bar suSu: The Other Side Of Midnight
Stephanie Todd Battle Battle - single
Kovacs Trip To Nomoreland (Hugo Kant Remix) Beats of Budapest
Kovacs BBS Beats of Budapest
Cay Taylan Beijo feat. Betty Semper (dZihan & kamien remix) Beijo
Chris Le Blanc Now and Zen Beyond The Sunsets
Chris Le Blanc Journey to Mandurai (Buddha Bar Edit) [feat. Sunyata Project] Beyond The Sunsets
Chris Le Blanc Debussy En Es Vedra (Salinas Mix) Beyond The Sunsets
Thomas Lemmer Blissful Mind (Elevator Phase Remix) Blissful Mind Ep
Blue Soul Groove Soul Town Blue Soul Groove (EP)
Miguel Alcobia House Is My Everything Blueberry Cafe Vol.1
Fau Closer Bohemian Chill
Tape Five Bossa For A Coup Reloaded Bossa For A Coup
The Bahama Soul Club Tangossa feat. Pat Appleton Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky
The Bahama Soul Club Bossa Corcovado feat. A Secret Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky
The Bahama Soul Club Bossa Bop feat. Pat Appleton Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky
The Bahama Soul Club Afro Shigida feat. Kojato Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky
Corrado Saija La Ragazza Del Lago Bougainville
J-Radical Buweyah Brazil Remixed
Zuco 103 Outro Lado Brazilian Groove
Grain Zero Animated Elephants Break 'n' Bake
Alan de Laniere Breaking Dawn (Deep Radio Mix) Breaking Dawn Ep
Blue Stone Holy Ground Breathe
Sinan Mercenk Brightest Star Feat. Neslihan Isik (Deep House Mix) Brightest Star
Halftones Bring Back The Funk Bring Back The Funk
Halftones Punch In An Eye Bring Back The Funk
Halftones Operazione Pummarola Bring Back The Funk
Phobos Elixir for Sunsets Buddha Café
Darkside Paul's Soul (Dearest The Shadows) Buenos Aires Dream
Ronan C Burnin Up My Soul (Original Mix) Burnin Up My Soul
Jenova 7 A Chill Breeze Bust Free 15
Central Parks Worldwide Bust Free 15
Lux 100 Billion Stars Café Del Mar Volume Eight
The Funky Lowlives Saturn Return Cartouche
Underpoets Hey Nahana Catalyst
Balligomingo Elation (Wet Mix) Chill Out Lounge Vol. 1
Morris Capri Isle Of Capri Chill Out Lounge Vol. 1
Yoni Vidal Esperanza Chill Out My Wave
Bluecat Close Your Eyes (Club Mix) Chill Reception
Bluecat Windy Chill Reception
Bluecat Chill Reception Chill Reception
Worldwide Groove Corporation Mas Que Nada (Featuring Kenya Evelyn, Melinda Doolittle, Missi Hale) Chillodesiac Lounge Vol. 1: Fever
Cesaria Evora Nho Antone Escarderode (Kerri Chandler album mix) Club Sodade
Cesaria Evora Bondade E Maldade (Yoruba Soul mix by Osunlade) Club Sodade
DJ Mibor Presents Chocolat Soul Satelite Cocktail Lounge (re-edited)
DJ Mibor Presents Chocolat Soul Frutas Del Bosque Cocktail Lounge (re-edited)
DJ Mibor Presents Chocolat Soul N-1 Cocktail Lounge (re-edited)
Matt Marshak Cadillac Kid Colors of Me
Alex Vanni Happy People (CDR BonusTrack AheadPr Only) Colour Glass Ep
DJ Mibor Sambatic Colours, EP
DJ Mibor Walk Sleep Colours, EP
DJ Mibor Mistic Colours, EP
Driftkikker Life Coming Of The Light
Maffia Sound System Ternary Beat Convex EP
The Baldwin Brothers Ether (feat. Geri Soriano-Lightwood) Cooking With Lasers
Vital My Island Corridors EP
Gold Lounge Lonely Beach (Setsuna Remix feat. Safia) Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 6
Villablue feat. Juanita Grande If I Could Tell You Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 6
Jens Buchert Arising Fall Cosmic Port
Jens Buchert Lazy Age Cosmic Port
Jens Buchert Neptunia Cosmic Port
60 Channels Riddim Supastar (Featuring Karen Grant & Navigator) Covert Movements
Craig De Maio Nazca Lines Craig De Maio
Nattyva Dancefloor Dancefloor
SEL Daydream Daydream (EP)
Tosca Oscar feat. Anna Clementi Dehli 9
Michael E Southern Comfort Departures & Arrivals
Michael E Brazil Chill Departures & Arrivals
The Discodelic Orchestra Discodelicious Disconcerto Grosso
Thievery Corporation It Takes A Thief DJ-Kicks: Thievery Corporation
Drake Doing It Wrong (Figgy Remix) Doing It Wrong (Figgy Remix)
Singularis Flowers Dopamine Dream
The Jazzual Suspects Funkin' Koobad Downtempo Garden
Moon & Benk Dream On Dream On
Rico Casazza Song 1 Dub Chamber
Emancipator Dusk to Dawn Dusk to Dawn
Ingo Herrmann I Can't Take It Electric Moonlight
Jaffa Elevator (Herbaliser Mix) Elemental Chill - Volume 1: Fire
The Big Knife Mrs. Castle Elemental Chill - Volume 2: Earth
Four80East Noodle Soup En Route
Four80East The Drop En Route
Ennio Morricone Le Fotografie - Gerd 4lux Remix Ennio Morricone Remixes Vol. 2
Mocean Worker On And On Enter The Mowo!
Mocean Worker Salted Fatback Feat. Bill Frisell Enter The Mowo!
Mocean Worker Right Now Feat. Rahsaan Roland Kirk Enter The Mowo!
Motown Moe Whatcha Know About Love Escape To The City
Motown Moe Galaxy Ridin Escape To The City
Clere Soulful Morning After Jazz Essence
Culprit 1 Hollow (Conflict Of Mint Remix) Exceptionally Remixed 3
Lemongrass Grass-Hopper Filmotheque
Ogi Feel The Beat Return Of The Infinity Flashbacks
Ogi Feel The Beat Possibility Of Mistake Flashbacks
Dubdiver Moonmadness Floating Beats
Dubdiver Let There Be Light Floating Beats
dZihan & Kamien I Guess She ... Freaks & Icons
Pitch Black Freefall (Friends Electric Remix) Frequencies Fall
Chris Bangs Mellow Blow Fuck Acid House... This Is Acid Jazz
Inkliing Generals Generals
Inkliing Lessons Generals
Inkliing Blue Generals
Chris Zippel Lela Loves U Genuine - Nu Ambient Grooves 2
Hamza New York To New Delhi Gitano
Hamza Gitano Gitano
Modaji The Latin Protocol Glücklich III
Pathless Goddess Glücklich III
Groove Armada Tuning In (Dub Mix) feat. Tim Hutton Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)
The John Tesh Project Mercy Street Guitar By The Fire
Sambox Hatchway For You Hatchway For You - single
WK-Collective Heaven Heaven - EP
Kinobe Skyscraper Hi:Fidelity Lounge - Volume Three: Cosmopolitan Grooves
Solid Doctor Lights On The Vibe How About Some Ether [Disc 1]
Mr. Moods For A Moment In Love We Trust... And We Hate
Mr. Moods Sensuality In Love We Trust... And We Hate
Mr. Moods A Little Something In Love We Trust... And We Hate LP
Mr. Moods L.O.V.E. In Love We Trust... And We Hate LP
Climatic Gibraltar Incanto
Robert Sanae & The Crater Creek Project If You Only Knew Indigo Blue
Jens Buchert Never Ending Interstellar
Jens Buchert Causality Interstellar
Jens Buchert Interstellar Interstellar
Zaki Ibrahim Grow Iqra in Orange (EP)
Jamhunters Tah Jamhunters
Saskia Laroo If Ye Got It Ye Get It (original first version) Jazz Dance
Saskia Laroo Where 're You Going M'am (original first version) Jazz Dance
Barrio Jazz Gang Hot Jacket Jazz Lounge 2
Peter Daou Seventh Space Jazz Lounge 3
Hardcastle Lost Summer Jazzmasters Greatest Hits
Hardcastle Forever Dreamin' Jazzmasters Greatest Hits
Mo'jardo That's Nasty La Cultura
Mo'jardo Fly Away La Cultura
Gotan Project Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre) La Revancha Del Tango
Light 4 Lines Ocean (Chillout Mix Featuring Sara Huffman) Layabout v2
Le Gotta Inside Ur Soul (Tobias Baumgart Remix) Le Gotta Remixes
Afternoons in Stereo Saarinen in Dub Leaves of Brass
Maomakmaa Unicorn (Remix By Jasmon) Lemongrass Garden Vol.2
Hussein Boon Almost Home Life Changes
Michelle Cade Light Shifters (Stephane Lefrancois and Michelle Cade Remix) Light Shifters
Francois Maugame Jazz Hawaii Like a Summer Breeze (Finest Bar Lounge Music)
Living Room Teneriffe 07 Liquid Jazz
Zen Space Close Your Eyes Liquid Lounge
Living Room Drift Liquid Lounge
Living Room From Suspicious Mind Liquid Lounge
Canedrive Gospel Loose Ends
Canedrive No Regret Loose Ends
Canedrive Horns at the Ready Loose Ends
Tim Angrave DreamEscape Lounge Du Soleil Vol.16
LO64N5 Retrogram Lounge Du Soleil Vol.16
Tobias Baumgart Realize Loungin EP
Anji Bee Got All I Need Love Me Leave Me
Anji Bee Saudade Love Me Leave Me
Doris´Guesthouse Dadab! Macao Café (Best Of..)
Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro Magdalena (Anchorsong Remix) Magdalena
Anemine Eliswin Reprise MeeresWeiten
Anemine Deveria MeeresWeiten
Lemongrass Heartbreaker Mémoires
Lemongrass Love Is The Answer Mémoires
Lemongrass I'm Stellar Mémoires
Lemongrass Bossa Del Mar Mémoires
Trumpet Thing Deeper Milchbar // Seaside Season 6
Leendder Feat. Chaz Everytime You Cry (Satin Jackets Remix) Milchbar // Seaside Season 6
Blank & Jones With Jason Caesar Lazy Life (Satin Jackets Remix) Milchbar // Seaside Season 6
Buscemi It Might As Well Be Quiet... Mocha Supremo
Buscemi Mocha Supremo (First Edit) Mocha Supremo
Buscemi Dolores Del Sorte Mocha Supremo
Ananda Project Secrets Morning Light
Michael E That Night Last Summer Morning Sun
Michael E Out Of The Blue Morning Sun
Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble Leroy Mundial Muzique v2
Fazed Idjuts Dust of Life (Joe Clausell's Main Guitar Mix) Nature Child
Deva Premal Teyata New Year New You: A Sounds True Sampler 2011
Staedler & Waldorf The Big Swell No Way Home
Zero Cult Blur (original mix) Nova Natura 2
Low Deep T Now That I've Found You (Original Mix) Now That I've Found You
South Froggies Jazzion Nu Jazz Factory
Rocket Empire Montezuma's Revenge Om 15: Celebrating 15 Years of Om Records
The Jazzual Suspects Busy Bee (15 Year Dub) Om 15: Celebrating 15 Years of Om Records
Colossus Generaally Om Lounge 8
Afro-Mystik Momentary Visions Om Lounge 8
Five Seasons Time To Go Back On The Road
Praful Let The Chips Fall One Day Deep
Praful Morphic Resonance One Day Deep
London Elektricity Cum Dancing (Landslide Remix) Out Patients 3
Sesong Spiritual Rotations (Butti 49 Remix) Out Patients 3
Michael E The Nature of Sound Out to Sea
Pearlcoder Meco Oyster Lounge
Puch Kiss My Brass Oz
Puch Yakiimo Oz
Puch Playground Oz
Tony Momrelle Fly Papa Records & Reel People Music present Best of 2013
Muzart The Great I Am (Spiritchaser Remix) Papa Records & Reel People Music present Best of 2013
Leon Ware Work Me (Reel People Remix) Papa Records & Reel People Music present Best of 2013
The Layabouts Colours of Love [feat. Portia Monique] (The Layabouts Vocal Mix) Papa Records & Reel People Music present Best of 2013
Paul Eerhart A Night In Cairo Paul's Jazz Lounge
Paul Eerhart Kongo Paul's Jazz Lounge
The Strike Boys Outer Space Playtime
The Strike Boys Deeper One Playtime
The Strike Boys Down Down Down Playtime
The Strike Boys Wot? Playtime
Lemongrass Le Ciel Pour L'Amour
Lemongrass Ocean Kisses Pour L'Amour
Chill Factor-5 Maya Praise: Journey To Music Island
Jens Buchert Azur Production Music Volume 02
Jens Buchert Bug In Mind (Instr) Production Music Volume 02
Part Time Heroes Shadowlands featuring Liane Carroll Realise EP
Part Time Heroes Brandon Heights Realise EP
Dauler Upstairs Redondo
Frenic No Apologies Relax Capsule (Volume 1)
Georg Hekt Fading Memory of Lake And Sunset Relax Capsule (Volume 1)
Dustmotes Animals Relax Capsule (Volume 1)
Mr. Moods Deccan's Trap Relax Capsule (Volume 1)
Ficture I Let It Roads To Everywhere
Monsieur Dubois Dreaming Ruff
Monsieur Dubois Multiball Ruff
Monsieur Dubois Dan Banck Ruff
Linn Mori Gray Chimneys Sail To The Moon
Linn Mori Last Farewell Sail To The Moon
Linn Mori A Lighted Candle L Sail To The Moon
13 Crew In Da House Scratch Bunker
13 Crew It's All About Scratching Scratch Bunker
13 Crew Rock The Party Scratch Bunker
13 Crew Can I Have It Like That Scratch Bunker
Mista 93 Sleep Paralysis Sekta
Mista 93 Bluntz & Ecstazyz Sekta
Mista 93 Exit The Sekta Sekta
L.A.M.P Springtime Shades Of Green
L.A.M.P Counting My Blessings Shades Of Green
L.A.M.P Peace Of Mind Shades Of Green
Cal Harris Jr. Shelter Island (feat. Euge Groove) Shelter Island
Bryan Ford Shoe Tree Shoe Tree EP
Bryan Ford Lead Belly Shoe Tree EP
Motown Moe Unconditional Love Soft Touch
Flashbaxx Madison Something To Believe
Flashbaxx Cuba Libre Social Club Something To Believe
Flashbaxx Its Only Me & You feat. Seth Sharp Something To Believe
Professor RJ Ross To Be With You Again Songs For Sweetie
Emancipator Wolf Drawn Soon It Will Be Cold Enough
Emancipator First Snow Soon It Will Be Cold Enough
The Sushi Club Shiosai Space Night, Vol. VIII
Brigette Is It Love Starlight Lounge
Brigette Much Too Much Starlight Lounge
Kush Sweet 4 Streams Of Consciousness Vol.1
Akshin Alizadeh A Lil Bit Of Truth Street Bangerz Volume 8
Akshin Alizadeh Lost Generation Street Bangerz Volume 8
Akshin Alizadeh Estrella De Plata Street Bangerz Volume 8
PNFA Kingdom of the Blind Sylmar
PNFA Green Storm Sylmar
PNFA Color Dust Sylmar
PNFA Roots Sylmar
Mick Verma Synthsomagic (Original Mix) Synthsomagic / Vermaquin
Adam Kroll Dinner After Midnight T12FREE0013
Kaum Take Me Back (Short Edit) Take Me Back
Tasha's World Breakfast London Style Tasha's World
D-Rama Give Me Some Tension (D-Rama Detroit mix) PROMO Tension, EP
Paul Hardcastle Hot Off the Press The Bria Project Presents Naomi's Kiss
Papik Rhythm of Life The Contemporary Soul Songbook Vol 3
ReNeda Rest of My Life The Contemporary Soul Songbook Vol 3
Lazy Hammock Fading Into Oblivion The Cool Side of Chill, Vol. 1
Bahama Soul Club I Warned You Baby Feat Spanky Wilson The Cuban Tapes
Live Tropical Fish Breathe Again feat. Laurnea The Day Is Too Short To Be Selfish
Poldoore Unconditional Feat. Will Magid The Day Off
Jeff Woodall Cloud Dancing The Ecstasy Calendar 2014: August
Brighter Note Peaceful India The Ecstasy Calendar 2014: June
9 Lazy 9 Not Nice The Herb
Highend Shisha The HighEnd Sound: Urban Lounge Supreme
Highend Slow Roll The HighEnd Sound: Urban Lounge Supreme
Luka Love Your Life ft BeeSting The Love and Light Project
Luka Dance on a DJ ft RaRa TaxiQueen The Love and Light Project
Skaj Da Waidah Two Hippies In A Green Van The Most Epic Chillout Album Ever!
Skaj Da Waidah Frog Making Love The Most Epic Chillout Album Ever!
Soweto Kinch Paris Heights The New Emancipation
Boddhi Satva Stop Jealousy (Ancestral Soul Mix) The Remixes
Thievery Corporation The Outernationalist The Richest Man In Babylon
Friendly Breaks Morning Lounge (Groovy Chillout Mix) The Sound of Silence, Vol. 4 (A Taste of Exotic Ambient Loun
Kush The Beauty Of Machines At Work (Machine Mix) The Temptation Sessions
Rados I Am Not My Body The Transparent Man
Alfida B.B.Habibi (R&B Lounge mix) The Vocal Confession
Bass X Dark Desert Highway Thick
Waterbone Waterdance Tibet
Thomas Lemmer Underwater Love (Houie D. Remix) Underwater Love Ep
Ciara Body Party (Figgy Remix) unreleased
Le Youth C O O L (R&B Edit) unreleased
PatSPLIT Impress Me Unreleased
Citizen Sound Morning Sun Dub ft. Novie unreleased
Bart & Baker Zou Bisou Bisou feat Lada Redstar unreleased
Mike Di Lorenzo Curb Appeal Urbanized
Mesa Project Ven Mi Amore (Spanish) Ven Mi Amore
Vicelounge Pillows Vicelounge Presents
Craig D. Booker Waiting for Evelyn Vintage Chill Volume 3. Autumn
Fetsum Waitin For You (Paskal & Urban Absolutes Remix) Waiting for You Remixes
Dean Grech Shake It Around (feat. Greg Vail) (Instrumental) We Got Lost
Puch Still Welcome To Our Madhouse
Lou Pomanti The Boogaloo Lounge Welcome To The Boogaloo Lounge
Weathertunes Migrant Birds When Lounge Meets Jazz Vol. 3
audioJazz Your Love is Liquid feat. Christina Tamayo (Alexandra Hampton Remix) Your Love is Liquid Remixes

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